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Marina: “This was my reaction when my father explained to me what mjn-SERAS is”

12 November, 2020
Hi, I’m Marina, I have epilepsy since I was two years old. They discovered it because I was falling suddenly and my parents didn’t understand anything at that time.

Interview with Salvador Gutiérrez, CFO at mjn-neuro

9 November, 2020
Thank you for letting us get to know mjn-neuro better. Salvador Gutiérrez is part of the management team and a partner of mjn-neuro. He currently holds the position of CFO (chief financial officer), a very important part in the management of the company.

Interviewing Jordina Arcal, Chief Strategy Officer at mjn-neuro

6 October, 2020
Hello Jordina, we are with the CSO of mjn-neuro. She defines herself as an engineer, innovator, and serial entrepreneur.
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A different back to school

25 September, 2020
Hello to everyone. During this unusual summer, in which the desire to rest and the desire to go out and have fun with friends collides with the need to remain as isolated as possible...
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Harvey Dawkins: I soon discovered that it was far easier for me to ride than walk

26 August, 2020
I’m Harvey Dawkins, and this is my story. There are 86,400 seconds in a day to do something positive. This is what I do.
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Mary Stuart: Thank you for the opportunity to talk about epilepsy

26 August, 2020
I had my first Gran Mal when my 2nd child was 6 months old. I was 23 years old. The first thing I remember was I couldn't see, I walked down the hall.
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Marina Perrone: To have a device that could warn her a few minutes earlier would be the salvation of Ariadna’s life

3 August, 2020
I'm Ariadna's mother, she is 28 years old now. Ariadna has had refractory epilepsy since she was born, we have gone through different stages in these years, different medications...

Interviewing Lluís Munsó, software engineer at mjn-neuro

24 July, 2020
Being able to use my knowledge to help people is priceless.
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My birthday

20 July, 2020
People with epilepsy love, have feelings and feel happy about the same things as anyone else.
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Núria Lucas: It’s been half a year since I went through my epileptic seizures operation

5 July, 2020
Quise hacer un blog sobre epilepsia, pero no expresándolo de manera conceptual sino contando todas mis experiencias, tanto buenas como malas...
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The phases

29 June, 2020
No, I'm not going to talk about the phases of the moon or the phases of epilepsy or the phases of someone's lifetime. These days, the phases which everyone talks about are the phases of "de-escalation"...

Why invest in R&D?

26 June, 2020
When we started our project in 2012, we knew that only a highly advanced technological solution would be able to provide a solution to the challenges we wanted to accomplish.
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ALAI in COVID19 times

19 June, 2020
Living in lockdown has been part of "our normality" since October 6th, 2015, when Alai had her first crisis...
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Raquel Omedes: I want to tell you a little bit about what Dravet syndrome has meant to my family and me

17 June, 2020
Hello, I am Raquel Omedes, Daniela's mother, a 6-year-old warrior who fights against a rare disease called Dravet Syndrome and Delegate in Catalonia of the association ApoyoDravet.
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I have been lucky

1 June, 2020
While we are in the middle of this very unique situation, I would like to write some words that encourage everyone...
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Living with epilepsy

27 April, 2020
I've always wondered at what age is it the hardest to cope with epilepsy? It's tough for me to answer that question because I've been through almost every stage of this condition...
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15 April, 2020
While we are in the middle of this very unique situation, I would like to write some words that encourage everyone...
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Monika Milá: “I wanted to create a blog about epilepsy telling all my experiences”

3 April, 2020
I wanted to blog about epilepsy, but not expressing it conceptually, instead telling all my experiences, both good and bad...
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No odd people

30 March, 2020
Hi everyone I'm here again. Keeping up with life, events, day-to-day challenges, joys, sorrows, this blank page that awaits me every month...
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Paul Warren: The Real Face of Epilepsy

10 March, 2020
This is an article by Paul Warren, originally posted on his LinkedIn account, where he explains his sister's story...
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Explaining my experience can make people more interested in epilepsy

14 February, 2020
I live with epilepsy and I've never believed that my testimony could help other people. But, since I started writing about my life...
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15 January, 2020
How incredible!, it's 2020! For a person who, like me, was born in 1958, this year sounds like science fiction...
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My attitude towards life

18 December, 2019
Many are convinced that life is something that can be controled, and there is a controllable percentage of life, but another is not...
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Núria: “I sincerely believe that more awareness is needed towards epilepsy”

10 December, 2019
I want to explain my life experience with epilepsy... and all the challenges I have faced during my life...
Historia MJN Jose Ignacio
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José Ignacio: “I want to share my experience so they know there’s a way out”

28 November, 2019
I've seen that MJN cares about people with epilepsy and I think that my case can be very useful both for those who have epilepsy and for those who are not.
Y ahora la época de las decisiones
Epilepsy Fighters

And now, the time of decisions

26 November, 2019
After the summer break, students return to school, workers to work and older people like me to organizing activities and making decisions...
Anpe epilepsia Irene Tarrago Salva Ernest MJN superacion
Epilepsy Fighters

Insecurities, low mood

4 November, 2019
When Salva from MJN got in contact with me to collaborate with them for this blog...
María Palanca

Generalized epileptic seizures

23 September, 2019
Generalized epileptic seizures are seizures in which the entire brain produces the shock that causes the seizure...
colegio vacaciones escuela epilepsia
Epilepsy Fighters

Back from holidays

17 September, 2019
Yes, they are over. The holidays came to an end. The truth is that now I don't notice it so much, because I don't work outside home...

Beyond seizures: social anxiety in people with epilepsy

13 September, 2019
Anxiety is a feeling that many people experience at certain points in life, mostly when we find ourselves in a threatening or difficult situation-

Seizure Alert Dogs

6 September, 2019
Assistance dogs are valuable companions for people living with disabilities, giving them greater independence, peace of mind and support. In the field of epilepsy it can even save their lives.
Epilepsy Fighters

Carmen: “I dreamt of a device to detect seizures before it happens”

2 September, 2019
A few months ago I dreamed that there was a device that detected seizures before having them and gave you medication to prevent them.
torneo innovacion social grupo eib finalistas

MJN in the Social Innovation Tournament

14 August, 2019
The Social Innovation Tournament recognises and supports the best European social entrepreneurs.

Who can get an epilepsy seizure?

14 August, 2019
It is estimated that between 2 and 5% of the population will experience an episode of epilepsy at some point.

Summer and epilepsy: enjoy the beach and swimming pools safely

14 August, 2019
Concern, as most parents can say, is part of being a parent. They all want to keep their children safe, whether or not they have epilepsy.

Photosensitivity and seizures

9 August, 2019
Exposure to flashing lights at certain intensities or to certain visual patterns can trigger seizures.
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Summer’s here

5 August, 2019
Summer has arrived and many of us will be organizing our vacations or are already enjoying them.

Comprehensive health care and response to epilepsy

2 August, 2019
Caring for people with epilepsy involves providing health care and social services to reduce the morbidity, premature mortality and negative psychosocial effects to which it is associated.

Epilepsy Legislation in Colombia

29 July, 2019
As we all know, epilepsy is not just a health problem, people with epilepsy also have to cope with a wide range of difficulties that affect almost every aspect of their lives.
epilepsia estigma social psicologia enfermedad

The social response: misconceptions and stigma in epilepsy

25 July, 2019
Stigma is a significant contributor to poor physical and mental health in people with epilepsy and will not be improved with a single approach.
who_oms_Epilepsy_Epilepsia, un imperativo de salud global

Epilepsy: A Public Health Imperative

18 July, 2019
World Health Organization (WHO) and important worldwide institutions call on governments and civil society to prioritize epilepsy

What is Epilepsy?

15 July, 2019
It is a term that comes from the Greek and means "to catch by surprise". People with epilepsy do not know before when they are going to have a seizure.

Theory of change: What is the social impact generation logic of mjn-neuro?

8 July, 2019
Our project does not originate in a hospital research centre or a university. It is born from the grassroots, from the patient, from their needs, experiences and, why not say it, from their fears.

MJN receives the Caser Award for Dependency and Society in the R+D category

26 June, 2019
In its 10th edition, the Caser Foundation awards recognize the best initiatives in terms of dependency...
epilepsia casos superacion
Epilepsy Fighters

Positive attitude towards life

25 June, 2019
All my entries so far have been related to events, feelings or situations that had a connection with my life.
Epilepsy Fighters

César: “No more fear, I’ll still respect you but I’m not afraid of you anymore”

19 June, 2019
Two years ago I was diagnosed with epilepsy, it was a hard notice, a notice that changed my life.
Epilepsy Fighters

Epilepsy and work

29 April, 2019
When I decided to work, I was already 24, I was married and I had already been diagnosed with epilepsy (I was diagnosed at 17).
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Silvina: “I am happy with what I have and who I am!”

17 April, 2019
I'm Silvina, I'm 36 years old and I'm from Argentina, Posadas-Misiones.
Epilepsy Fighters

Tips for happy (and safe) Easter Holidays

12 April, 2019
If you are going to travel, especially with suitcases that you have to check in or...
Epilepsy Fighters

Luisa: “I know exactly what a minute can mean in these cases”

3 April, 2019
I've had epilepsy since I was young, controlled by medication, but if I don't sleep much, I'm more likely to have a seizure.
Epilepsy Fighters

Mother with epilepsy, child with epilepsy

25 March, 2019
I ended my previous blog entry by saying that I'd tell you what had happened to one of my children and how I dealt with it. From the title of the article it could be deduced that if a mum has epilepsy, her child will also have it. It couldn't be further from the truth. Epilepsy is not inherited. You can have a predisposition, but never inherit it.
Epilepsy Fighters

Álvaro’s dad: “Nobody fights for them like us”

19 March, 2019
MJN brings hope to us because it can help us with a key issue. With the device they are designing we could have information about how many daily seizures our son has and adapt the things in his environment that affect him most.
Epilepsy Fighters

Paula: “I’ve never hidden epilepsy”

13 March, 2019
It's always been difficult for me to study, but now, at 23 years of age, I can say that I've finished college and I'm currently at university.

“Women with epilepsy suffer a double burden: being a woman and being epileptic”

8 March, 2019
The social perception of epilepsy has changed a lot in recent years. Now there is more information but there is still a lot of work to do.

MJN at Mobile World Congress 2019

1 March, 2019
Last year we had the honour of winning the Vodafone Foundation prize for the best ICT Social Solution in the 12th edition.
Epilepsy Fighters

Lía: “My dream is to live in an inclusive, informed and non-stigmatized society”

22 February, 2019
Hello, my name is Lia, I have lived with Nocturnal Epilepsy since I was 11 years old.
Epilepsy Fighters

If I have epilepsy… can I be a mother?

20 February, 2019
Based on the fact that I speak from my own experience and that each case is unique, I can say that, in most cases, yes.
Epilepsy Fighters

Ann: “Helping others is my passion, my calling”

13 February, 2019
In Canada alone, an average of 42 people a day learn that they have Epilepsy and over 50 million people worldwide suffer from the disorder. I can say that I Beat Epilepsy.

“We consider the training of young people to be paramount, so that we have a more tolerant and informed society.”

6 February, 2019
The social perception of epilepsy has changed a lot in recent years. Now there is more information but there is still a lot of work to do.
Epilepsy Fighters

International Epilepsy Day

28 January, 2019
This year, to commemorate that day, there is a campaign in which we can all collaborate and make epilepsy better known around the world, that we are seen as normal people.
Epilepsy Fighters

“It’s as important to care for the patient as it is to care for the primary caregiver”

21 January, 2019
Epilepsy is a chronic neurological disease that not only affects the person who suffers it but also their immediate environment is affected in their daily routine.
Epilepsy Fighters

Sheila: “If we learn to live with it, we can be happier than we think”

18 January, 2019
"Learning to live with what I have", that's how I'd title my life. Epilepsy appeared just when my future plans were at their peak. I finished my college studies and I was going to prepare for the exams to be a local police officer, my dream since I was little.

MJN at CES 2019 in Las Vegas

11 January, 2019
This last week we presented our project at CES 2019 in Las Vegas, one of the most important electronic congresses in the world.
Epilepsy Fighters

Miriam: “At least we could end the uncertainty that this disease brings”

9 January, 2019
I live in the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina and at the age of 40, I suffered my first epileptic seizure. After a week I had an emergency operation for a brain tumour and from that moment I started to suffer more and more frequent seizures.

MJN at the Everis Awards

21 December, 2018
Every year the Everis Foundation organizes the Everis Awards event, a prestigious recognition of innovation, research and entrepreneurship, where companies in the technological sector from all over the world present their candidatures.
Epilepsy Fighters

Sandra: “A device that warns you when a seizure is about to happen would be of great help”

19 December, 2018
My story is still recent and I am, still, psychologically troubled. In March, my second child was born and two weeks after giving birth, I fell asleep. When I woke up, it was over.

Retos-Colaboración program

18 December, 2018
The objective of the Retos-Colaboración call is to support cooperative projects between companies and research organisations, with the aim of promoting the development of new technologies, the business application of new ideas and techniques, and contributing to the creation of new products and services.
Epilepsy Fighters


12 December, 2018
When parents are told their son or daughter has epilepsy it’s as if their word has just fallen apart. This mainly occurs due to the lack of knowledge still existing about this disease, and the stigma hanging over it “thanks” to literature, cinema, superstition…
Epilepsy Fighters

Irene: “I’ve done everything I’ve ever wanted: sports, dancing, singing, studying, being a mother… I’ve lived to the fullest”

1 December, 2018
I was born on July 3, 1958. During my childhood, I had many episodes that no one associated with epilepsy (absences, gut pain coupled with the loss of consciousness and stiffness of the extremities).
Epilepsy Fighters

Maira: “I have found a group of dance therapy where I feel good”

23 November, 2018
I am a mother of 4 children and work as an accountant for a company. In 2011 I was diagnosed with viral encephalitis that left me as a sequel mild epileptic seizures, a fact that has changed my life completely.
historias epilepsia casos reales experiencias
Epilepsy Fighters

Tania: “I try to handle it as best I can and with the greatest sense of humor.”

5 July, 2018
I started out with some strange "dizziness" that turned out to be a crisis of absence. They were my beginnings with epilepsy; that hateful disease.
la historia de dulce con la epilepsia
Epilepsy Fighters

Dulce: “If I was going to study it would be to go to college and fulfill my dream”

13 May, 2018
I was diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of 12 and since then my life has changed. The neuropediatrician could not determine what had been the cause for sure, we deduced that it was hereditary since a sister of my paternal grandmother suffers from the same disease. I was prescribed many medications which I am allergic to most of. Today I take lamotrigine and topiramate because lamotrigine alone didn't work for me.
Epilepsia escuela infancia adolescencia
Epilepsy Fighters

Fighting epilepsy from the classrooms

28 February, 2018
The Epieduca initiative, promoted by the entity Apoodravet, MJN Neuroserveis as a technological promoter and the financial support of the QUAES Foundation, will allow the integration of all those young people who, due to drug-resistant epilepsy, are at high risk of suffering seizures in the school environment. This risk situation directly affects the autonomy of these young people for many routine tasks, which affects their levels of self-esteem and can cause depression and/or anxiety affecting their social relationships and ultimately be isolated from other partners.

Epilepsy as a social condition

13 February, 2018
People affected by epilepsy have had to coexist historically with certain stigmas that have even linked them to diabolic or sacred events. Although much progress has been made in this regard in developed countries, there are still many prejudices regarding this condition and it is proven that the social consequences of epilepsy can be very serious. One of the main struggles of those affected by epilepsy and their environment on a daily basis is not the condition itself and the significant physical damage it can cause, but the fight against epilepsy as a social condition that produces anxiety, depression and isolation among the affected.
Epilepsy Fighters

What partial epileptic seizures are, and the importance of detecting them

6 February, 2018
An epileptic seizure is very visible and shocking for those who are not familiar with the condition, who can be immediately alarmed and run to seek medical help. The loss of consciousness of a person suffering from a generalized epileptic seizure makes this visibility clear. However, there are also partial or simple epileptic seizures, which are more difficult to detect.
epilepsia mobile world congress 2018 mjn neuroserveis d-lab challenge social impact

Awards and Recognitions

13 January, 2018
MJN was selected as one of the 3 most outstanding start-ups in Catalonia in the field of Health and won several extraordinary awards.