We introduce you to Xavier, the COO (Chief Operating Officer) of MJN. Xavier has been one of the founders of MJN along with David and Salva, therefore he is part of the DNA of the MJN project. His training as an industrial technical engineer and electronics specialist has been a key factor in the creation of the project.


How do you value your figure within MJN?
I am one more within MJN. The vision that we have of our team from the management is that none of us is indispensable, we all contribute our knowledge and experience in a transparent way so that the project advances. My interest in technological solutions, as well as my training as an engineer, explains why I am more oriented towards the more technical part of the company.

Why did you decide to join the MJN team?
I decided to be part of the founding team of MJN when David Blánquez, our CEO, explained to me that his daughter Marina had been suffering from epilepsy for years and the doctors could not find a combination of drugs that could stabilize her. David and I have been friends for over 20 years and in the summer of 2009, he challenged me to design a technological solution to help improve his daughter’s quality of life. The first idea we came up with was to design a kind of electronic nose to predict crises, similar to what some trained dogs do. This idea did not materialize in any prototype, but it was the first seed from which we began to search for information to find a solution.

What is your role within the team?
I’m responsible for operations. I am basically in charge of executing or supervising technical tasks, both in production and in design and technological development. I am also responsible for the company’s security.

How do you organize yourself in your day-to-day work to get everything done?
The truth is that it is not easy to combine professional and personal life. Although it is not a perfect system, I use my own methodology that I have developed from the adaptation of other systems and tools. This methodology allows me to decide the three most important tasks I have to tackle during the day. The rest of the tasks have to wait or be delegated.

How would you define MJN with only 5 adjectives?
Technological, social, responsible, human, innovative.

What would you say to young entrepreneurs from your perspective as a manager in a company?
In my opinion, the main point of attention of every entrepreneur should be to have a constant conversation with the market segment they want to address, to know their real needs, and thus be able to offer products or services that provide real value to their client.

Too often we see technological entrepreneurs with brilliant ideas who create products or services that no one wants to buy. The path should be the opposite: start by analyzing the situation of your market, identify a problem, and find a different solution (if possible better than the one available). Develop a rapid prototype with minimum functionality and try to sell your idea in your market, for example, by offering a discount on the final product. If you manage to pre-sell your product or service, you will have validated your market, you will be able to use your clients’ feedback to improve your solution and you will have the income to redesign whatever is needed.

What does this company bring that is innovative and does not exist in the current market?
MJN offers a discreet, portable medical device, unique in the market, capable of analyzing in real-time the brain activity of a patient with epilepsy seizures and warn through a mobile app when the risk of suffering a seizure is very high. For this purpose, the MJN-SERAS device executes an artificial intelligence algorithm adjusted to the person. At a technological level, this device is innovative in some aspects such as the capture of the EEG signal from the ear, the execution of the artificial intelligence algorithm in an app, or the ability to customize the algorithm.

MJN offers a discreet, portable medical device, unique in the market, capable of analyzing in real-time the brain activity of a patient with epilepsy seizures.

Could you describe some examples of how these elements are integrated into the solution that brings value to your customers?
The capture of EEG data from the ear allows the device to go virtually unnoticed, similar to an external hearing aid. This way the wearer does not feel stigmatized for wearing something unobtrusive.

The integration of the artificial intelligence algorithm into a cell phone app allows the device to operate even in areas without an Internet connection.

The ability to customize the artificial intelligence algorithm allows to adapt its operation remotely and according to the historical crisis of the person.

We understand that your figure within the development of the MJN-SERAS product has been essential. What has been the biggest challenge within your responsibilities?

There have been several substantial challenges, including finding and testing the sensors and electronics, designing the software and infrastructure needed, or passing the laboratory and regulatory tests. If I have to stick with just one, surely getting CE certified has been one of the biggest achievements and one that has required the most effort.

Any objective or goal you want to share…
Go out to the European and American market, to reach the maximum number of people who suffer every day with the uncertainty of not knowing when they will have the next epilepsy crisis and will have an accident.

What is your perspective on the future?
Continue working to develop new products and services related to technology and neuronal diseases.

Finally, a sentence that inspires you…
Everything that happens in my life depends on my attitude.

Thank you very much Xavier for your time and your wonderful answers.
Congratulations on everything you contribute every day.

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    mjn-SERAS is a medical device with CE marking according to the European Directive 93/42/EEC and the Royal Decree RD. 1591/2009.
    Contraindications: Do not use the product if you suffer from an infection in the ear canal or if you suffer from a skin lesion in the vicinity of the product's area of influence.
    Considerations: This medical product works with an APP only on Android phones. The results tested are 96% sensitivity and 94% specificity.

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    mjn-SERAS es un producto sanitario que lanza una señal de aviso cuando el riesgo de crisis de epilepsia es elevado, a la persona afectada y a sus contactos de confianza.


      mjn-SERAS es un producto sanitario con marcado CE conforme a la Directiva Europea 93/42/EEC y el Real Decreto RD. 1591/2009.
      Contraindicaciones: No usar el producto en caso de padecer una infección en el canal auditivo o en caso de padecer una lesión cutánea en las proximidades del área de influencia del producto.
      Consideraciones: Este producto sanitario funciona con una APP solo en teléfonos Android. Los resultados testeados son 96% de sensibilidad y 94% de especificidad.