mjn-SERAS es un producto sanitario con marcado CE conforme a la Directiva Europea 93/42/EEC y el Real Decreto RD. 1591/2009. Contraindicaciones: No usar el producto en caso de padecer una infección en el canal auditivo o en caso de padecer una lesión cutánea en las proximidades del área de influencia del producto. Consideraciones: Este producto sanitario funciona con una APP solo en teléfonos Android. Los resultados testeados son 96% de sensibilidad y 94% de especificidad.

Thank you all for the support, emotion, enthusiasm and passion!

CES 2020 (January 2020)

Within the framework of CES 2020, and thanks to the European American Enterprises Council, we have had the opportunity to present our project to different investors and partners. They can help us on making our mjn-SERAS available in the United States.

January mjn-neuro events in the United States

WSA (March 2020)

mjn-neuro wins the Global Champion award, by World Summit Awards, for our solution to help epilepsy affected people.

WSA named us GLOBAL CHAMPION in our category, meaning the world’s best project in the category of digital health and wellness solutions.

mjn-neuro wins the Global Champion award organized by World Summit Awards for our solution to help people with epilepsy


Within the Research and Development Grant program, Horizon2020, Phase 2 of the European Commission, we are developing a big data and artificial intelligence system able to find correlations between epileptic seizures and other personal data such as level of activity, general health, food intake, etc. Collaboration with ALCE Association.

Big Data Project

CE (May 2020)

mjn-neuro obtains the CE mark as medical device for its epilepsy aid solution. Obtaining the CE mark is one of the most important milestones that our project has achieved.

mjn-neuro obtains the CE medical device certification for its epilepsy aid solution

EIT HEALTH Bridgehead (June 2020)

mjn-neuro wins a grant for its internationalization under the EIT Health BRIDGEHEAD program. mjn-neuro allocates this grant to understand the market and establish the company in Germany, by preparing a suitable implementation strategy.

mjn-neuro has obtained a grant for internationalization within the framework of the BRIDGEHEAD program of EIT Health

SOUTH SUMMIT (August 2020)

Within the 100 finalist start-ups! We are very happy to be one of the 100 chosen startups for the final, selected among 3,800 start-ups. mjn-neuro was selected within the Health & Wellbeing category. Good work team!

Within the 100 finalist start-ups!

INNOWWIDE (August 2020)

Thanks to the grant obtained in the INNOWWIDE program, we can move forward to bring our solution to help epilepsy-affected people to the United States. We are working with a prestigious company to obtain the FDA, the commercial authorization in the USA. And we are also working on this project to be able to commercialize our product in the country by 2022.

Ranking Innowwide

IMPACT EXPO SHIP2B (September 2020)

mjn-neuro took part as exhibitor at the VII S2B Impact Forum, which was the most massive and international edition to date, in which more than 3,000 people gathered to debate the new impact economy.

+90 speakers | +50 partners | 5 days | +50 exhibitors

VII S2B Impact Forum

FENIN AWARD (October 2020)

The “Tecnología y Salud” Foundation, with the collaboration of the Spanish Federation of Healthcare Technology Companies (Fenin), announced the names of the winners of the “2020 Health and Technology Awards”. mjn-neuro has been awarded in this edition with the “Fenin Award for Entrepreneurship in Healthcare Technology 2020” for the development of a wearable technology that records the electrical activity of the brain to measure the risk of epileptic seizures and be able to notify the patient in advance.

The Fundación Tecnología y Salud and Fenin awards health professionals for their work against Covid-19

EIC FINALISTS (October-November 2020)

Among more than 4200 submitted projects to the EIC Accelerator Program, mjn has reached to be between the 1291 that have obtained a Seal of Excellence.


The official launch event of the first medical device that predicts epileptic seizures was last Saturday, November 21st, in a webinar format. Several professionals took part on the event: mjn-neuro’s CEO, David Blánquez; his daughter, Marina; as well as medical specialists in epilepsy, among others. Thank you all for being with us that day! We reached more than 160 live users!


SOCIAL-SERAS APP (November 2020)

mjn-neuro launches a new free app which helps users to keep track of their daily life with epilepsy. It manages easily and quickly the seizure records and daily activity. All the data is stored in a calendar so users can share all the recorded information with neurologists, including seizures evolution and patterns. Be a part of our community!


FEDE CONGRESS (November 2020)

The Spanish Epilepsy Federation (FEDE) organizes the III Epilepsy Research Exhibition to announce the research projects that are being carried out in order to improve the lives of people with epilepsy. We took the opportunity to present our solution, mjn-SERAS, an earpiece that assesses the risk of epilepsy seizures.

Epilepsy Research Fair 2020. Virtual edition. November 27th and 28th

WEBINAR DRAVET (November 2020)

mjn-SERAS was presented within the webinar, Epilepsy, Cognition and Education organized by ApoyoDravet on November 14th. Different aspects were discussed with KOL medical professionals, neuroscientists and educational people, who bring us closer to the world of intellectual disability and learning difficulties in epilepsy. A webinar to understand and learn to improve.

Find out what the webinar on epilepsy, cognition and education by ApoyoDravet

AEMPS (November 2020)

After waiting long, at the end of November, the AEMPS (Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products) sent us the certification for the commercialization in Spain of our product, mjn-SERAS. As a medical device, our mjn-SERAS must comply with the requirements established in the legislation regarding these type of products.


In December we have started the extension of the clinical validation study of our algorithm, EPISOFT. Thanks to our collaboration with the Ruber International Hospital in Madrid, we have expanded our study from 30 to 50 patients, with the aim of obtaining the results at the beginning of 2021.

CONGRESO D’GENES (December 2020)

The D´Genes Rare Diseases Association, together with the Molina de Segura City Council, organized the II National Congress of Epilepsy, which took place on December 19th, and where we presented the mjn-neuro project. In addition, we had the opportunity to showcase our mjn-SERAS solution.

D’Genes organizes, along with the City of Molina de Segura, the Second National Congress on Epilepsy, to be held on December 19 online


At mjn-neuro we continue to invest in R&D to provide solutions to other neurological diseases. In this sense, CDTI (Spanish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities) has awarded us with a grant to our project: DREAMER: Early detection AlzheiMER. Through the use of artificial intelligence, it will allow the early detection of Alzheimer’s disease, with an initial objective of determining an early diagnosis with a time window of 12 to 18 months prior to the current diagnostic standards.

Team | mjn-neuro

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mjn-SERAS is a healthcare product that sends a warning signal when the risk of epileptic seizures is high, to the affected person and their trusted contacts.

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    mjn-SERAS is a medical device with CE marking according to the European Directive 93/42/EEC and the Royal Decree RD. 1591/2009.
    Contraindications: Do not use the product if you suffer from an infection in the ear canal or if you suffer from a skin lesion in the vicinity of the product's area of influence.
    Considerations: This medical product works with an APP only on Android phones. The results tested are 96% sensitivity and 94% specificity.

    Save the date

    El próximo sábado 21 de noviembre a las 4 de la tarde, podrás conocer de primera mano nuestro producto: mjn-SERAS.
    mjn-SERAS es un producto sanitario que lanza una señal de aviso cuando el riesgo de crisis de epilepsia es elevado, a la persona afectada y a sus contactos de confianza.


      mjn-SERAS es un producto sanitario con marcado CE conforme a la Directiva Europea 93/42/EEC y el Real Decreto RD. 1591/2009.
      Contraindicaciones: No usar el producto en caso de padecer una infección en el canal auditivo o en caso de padecer una lesión cutánea en las proximidades del área de influencia del producto.
      Consideraciones: Este producto sanitario funciona con una APP solo en teléfonos Android. Los resultados testeados son 96% de sensibilidad y 94% de especificidad.