A free app for your day to day with epilepsy

Easily manage your seizure diary, your activity and be part of our community to improve knowledge about epilepsy.


Simplicity of use

In just a few steps you will be able to create your seizure diary, keep a record of your daily activity and consult the statistics of all your data.

Big data engine

All the data provided by the community is analyzed by powerful Big Data to improve knowledge about epilepsy.

Synchronized with mjn-SERAS

You will be able to consult in real time and remotely how mjn-SERAS is working, our earpiece assesses the risk of epilepsy seizures.

Be part of our community, download Social-SERAS and together let’s improve our knowledge about epilepsy.

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Discover mjn-SERAS, a device to assess the risk of epilepsy seizures.

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Social-SERAS functionalities

Seizure calendar

Register your seizures in a simple way and consult the information on the calendar or view the statistics. Print the data whenever you want to share with whoever you want.

Daily questionnaires

Choose when you want to save your activity data to describe what factors influence your seizures. All data is stored safely and provides knowledge thanks to the Big Data created by mjn-neuro.

Social-SERAS is synchronized with mjn-SERAS

If your loved ones have mjn-SERAS, from the application they will be able to know in real time the seizures alarms and the main operating variables wherever and whenever they want.

mjn-neuro, technology and social impact to help people with epilepsy.

Social-SERAS is a solution developed by mjn-neuro, a company that was born by the personal initiative of one of its founders, David, father of a young woman with drug-resistant epilepsy diagnosed more than 16 years ago. mjn-neuro works to develop technological solutions that improve the quality of life of people with epilepsy.

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