When we started our project in 2012, we knew that only a highly advanced technological solution would be able to provide a solution to the challenges we wanted to accomplish. Furthermore, we were aware that there wasn’t already a solution on the market (and still there isn’t one) capable of sending out a warning signal before an epilepsy crisis. Only by investing to develop R&D in different areas: hardware design, artificial intelligence, mobile applications capable of integrating algorithms that work in real-time, and many other aspects, we would be able to respond to the problem of an epileptic seizure occurring without prior warning.

For a startup like us, only the involvement of different agents both from the public and private sectors makes it possible to obtain these resources. And although access to these funds is often highly competitive, without the help of these programs it would be impossible for projects like ours to become a reality that fulfills their function: to provide a response to people’s real problems.

For this reason, we would like to thank the European Commission and its SME Instrument Horizon 2020 program, the Ministry of Science and Innovation through its Collaboration Challenges program, ENISA, and different private investors, such as Ship2B, for having placed their trust in our project.

We continue to work very hard to ensure that all R&D investments have a successful outcome. The recent obtaining of the CE mark as a medical device allows us to start the commercialization of our device soon. So we can say that all the efforts made so far have already seen benefits and that we are about to meet one of our main objectives: to make available to people with epilepsy a solution that improves their quality of life.

For all of this, thank you from the entire MJN team.

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