MJN, within the Research and Development Grant program, Horizon2020, Phase 2 of the European Commission, is developing a system of big data and artificial intelligence that will be able to find relationships between epileptic seizures and other personal data such as level of activity, general health, food intake, etc., which in the future will generate a significant volume of data.

To test and validate the operation, both about the big data and also about the first version of the Social-SERAS mobile app, MJN has initiated a pilot test where 20 volunteers, some of them selected with the help of ALCE, are already using the mobile application developed by Mjn.

The information gathered by the application will be managed and processed on a cloud support and from there it will be transferred to the big data module. The main functionality of this module will be to offer the MJN technical department a set of information based on historical data thanks to the amount of information that will be collected by the Social-SERAS app. The first functional version of the Social-SERAS app will allow to:

• Record the daily activity data of users using the sensor of the mobile phone itself.

• Manually record the timing of each epilepsy crisis and its intensity.

• Fill a “life notebook” test with various questions.

This information will be used to improve the general knowledge of epilepsy in relation to life habits

The data will be treated completely anonymously by all current data protection protocols.

This information, in the future, should serve to improve the general knowledge of epilepsy concerning life habits and hopefully it will be useful for the scientific community in the medium term.

MJN continues to work towards achieving its objectives to find solutions that help people with epilepsy and to improve the knowledge of the disease. And in this way, we are delighted to find entities that join these objectives voluntarily. For all of this, THANK YOU ALCE!

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