Article written by MJN

Our project does not originate in a hospital research centre or a university. It is born from the grassroots, from the patient, from their needs, experiences and, why not say it, from their fears.

When we began our journey 7 years ago, we could not imagine how difficult it could be to market a medical device, with the necessary quality certifications, and that it was able to warn before an epileptic seizure. But we did know that the solution we propose will have a positive impact on the 3 levels we discussed previously: personal, environmental and social.

During these 7 years, at the same time that we have grown as a project, we have developed a structured way of managing our Social Impact. We have not made this journey alone, from these lines we want to thank the ship2B foundation, for all the support we have received in various areas of our project, and especially in the management of our Social Policy.

In the document attached, Theory of Social Change, we outline what is the problem that people who have refractory epilepsy face, what is the solution that we propose, (our MJN-SERAS device) and how we are going to positively impact our entire environment. But in addition, we express the need to combat the social stigma that still burdens epilepsy.

Finally, we would like to say that our Social Impact Policy determines MJN’s actions in all areas. We could define MJN as the awareness of the impact it makes on society and the will to maximize that impact: qualitatively, seeking excellence in all the actions that are carried out. And quantitatively, trying to make MJN a global company that can help people with epilepsy all over the world.

We are very happy that MJN stands out as a project, within an entrepreneurial ecosystem, as a reference when it comes to managing its impact. And for us it has been a great experience to be able to explain our experience in the CataloniaBio & Healthtech session within the “Lessons Learned” on May 9th.

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