The EIT Health BRIDGEHEAD program aims to help health projects grow their businesses and validated products beyond the markets. BRIDGEHEAD is an internationalization program for European start-ups interested in being accompanied by one or more first-class accelerators from the EIT Health European network.

New companies travel to the accelerators of their choice to accelerate market access, take advantage of the local partner and customer networks, access infrastructure, and gain first-hand knowledge of the regulatory and commercial context.

Obtaining the CE mark as a medical device for our solution allows us to start selling immediately in the national market. At the same time, MJN is preparing to market its epilepsy device to the Dutch, German, and UK markets. Participation in the BRIDGEHEAD program is a great opportunity for MJN and will allow us to improve our knowledge of these markets and help us prepare a proper implementation strategy.

We are getting closer to achieving our goals

We would like to thank EIT Health for the confidence they have placed in MJN by granting us. We are getting closer to achieving our goals: helping people with epilepsy to have a better quality of life anywhere in Europe and in the future also in the United States.

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