SME Instrument is part of the Horizon2020 programme and is a financing instrument promoted by the European Commission that aims to support innovative projects that have the ambition to grow, develop and internationalize through an innovation project with a European and global dimension.

In Phase 2, support is provided to innovation projects with high potential for growth and increased competitiveness, based on a strategic business plan. In order to be chosen, a highly competitive process must be carried out where hundreds of projects from all over Europe compete to achieve the seal of excellence that allows it to be chosen as a funded project.

We are going to dedicate the subsidy obtained to the following activities in the next 24 months:

  • Expansion of clinical studies to hospitals in Madrid and Germany

One of the pillars of our project is to clinically demonstrate the functioning of the device. To this end, we have devoted a great deal of effort, both in terms of personal and financial resources, to the conduct of clinical trials. And this is so because only through these trials, we can demonstrate to the medical community that our device is able to function properly. It must be borne in mind that the solution we propose is unique in the world. This device is the first wearable device designed to continuously assess the risk of epileptic seizures through brain activity. The device has as final objective to launch a warning signal before a crisis to avoid accidents.

The scientific community has the obligation that any novelty in the field of health has demonstrated through trials that it fulfills its function . This requirement is even greater for cases such as ours as there is nothing on a clinical or commercial level to compare with. a very important part of the subsidy obtained to increase the validation of our device..

  • Help for marketing, internationalization and communication

The device we develop is expected to be a commercial reality in the first part of 2019. Our project aims to be an initiative that is sustainable over time and that combines both economic and social profitability . In order to achieve these objectives, we have to carry out all the necessary commercial and communication activities.

  • Evolve artificial intelligence of our device with Big-Data

To continue the evolution of the device, and be able to reach more people, we have to increase the intelligence of our algorithms so that they are able to learn automatically from each case so, increase the reliability at the same time as increase the number of people who can use it . We will also initiate the use of Big-Data to try to discover why each case of epilepsy is unique and what factors influence each case.

We would like to emphasise that all the effort we are making does not pursue technical, scientific or management excellence per se. At MJN we understand that it is only from this excellence that we will be able to meet our true objective of improving the quality of life of people with epilepsy.

And finally, to say that we know that each case of epilepsy is unique and that we are committed to the proper functioning of the device. For this reason, we contractually guarantee that in all cases where our device does not fulfil its function, we will refund the purchase price less personalization and transport costs.

Thank you to the European Commission for the trust it has placed in us. And also to all those people who support us every day.

The MJN team.

Horizon 2020, SME Instruments 2018-2020. Grant 849781

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