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MJN-SERAS is a help system for people with epilepsy.

MJN-SERAS is a medical product that sends a warning signal when the risk of epileptic seizures is high, to the affected person and their trusted contacts.



The first wearable medical device on the market that can record real-time brain activity. Clinically tested to guarantee its effectiveness and to be able to take the necessary safety measures when the risk of crisis is high.



Each MJN-SERAS earpiece is custom designed in specialized hearing aid centers and printed on top quality 3D materials to ensure a perfect fit and excellent comfort.

This image is a computer simulation, the final design of the device may be subject to change.


MJN-SERAS is a medical device with CE marking according to the European Directive 93/42/EEC and the Royal Decree RD. 1591/2009.
Contraindications: Do not use the product if you have an infection in the ear canal or if you have a skin lesion in the vicinity of the product’s area of influence.
Considerations: This healthcare product works with an app only on Android phones. The results tested are 96% sensitivity and 94% specificity.
CPSP20103CAT. For more information, please contact us.



MJN-SERAS records the electrical activity of the brain through the auditory canal and has as main functionality to launch a warning when the risk of epileptic seizures is high.


It is comfortable since the sensor is made to measure the person's ear canal.<br />It is discreet since part of it is housed behind the person's ear.<br />It is light since its weight is 9.5 gr.
Artificial Intelligence App

MJN-SERAS analyzes the electrical activity of the person's brain using artificial intelligence algorithms to determine the risk of epileptic seizures

  • MJN-SERAS records the electrical activity of the brain in real time and stores the information on specific servers.
  • The earpiece and the app register in real time the seizure alarms and save the information. 
  • It also determines in real time the functioning of the algorithm of epilepsy risk assessment.

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  • Before the final purchase it is mandatory to perform a suitability test of mjn-SERAS.
  • Subject to the type of epilepsy is compatible with the medical product, otherwise 100% of the 100€.
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