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Frequent asked questions

How does MJN-SERAS work?

The health product is an earpiece that captures the signal from the brain through the ear canal and sends it to a mobile app that thanks to AI algorithms is able to assess when the risk of having a seizure is high and launch a warning signal before the seizure. To improve the outcome of the health product, we customize the algorithm for each person. The way to do it is that when the health product is used for the first time, the user has to inform manually when he has a seizure. When several seizures have been reported, the algorithm learns from those seizures and the results obtained are much better than if a generic algorithm is used.

Why does it take 4 weeks to manufacture?

MJN-SERAS is custom made for each person’s ear. To do this, it is necessary to make a mold in a specialized hearing center from which the unit is manufactured by 3D printing for each person. In this way we guarantee the comfort and correct functioning of the sensor.

Does it work for all types of epilepsy?

In order for MJN-SERAS to function properly, we define epilepsy seizures as having these characteristics: That the seizures have an evident alteration of the electrical signal of the brain and that a video-EEG has been made to confirm this fact. That has a certain intensity both in time (more than 3 – 5s) as they have an obvious physical representation (seizure, loss of motor, falls …) We also define a certain number of seizures. For those people with four seizures a month or less, we cannot guarantee that our health product will work optimally since it would be very difficult to carry out previous training.

Why do we have to do a suitability test beforehand?

MJN-SERAS works for defined types of crises. To determine if the user’s crisis type is within that typology it is necessary to perform the suitability test. The repurchase guarantee is only applicable if the suitability test has been positive.

What is the Buy Back Guarantee?

MJN is committed to its clients that the operation of MJN-SERAS is as expected. For this reason, as long as the suitability test prior to purchase has been positive, MJN will refund 80% of the purchase price if within 9 months and after 3 training processes, MJN-SERAS does not fulfill its function of giving one minute’s notice before an epilepsy seizure.

Why are the crisis alerts deactivated at the beginning of use?

Epilepsy seizures are unique to each person. Our algorithm for assessing seizure risk learns from each type of epilepsy to give the best service. For that reason it is necessary training at the beginning of use. The patient must record the seizures recorded with MJN-SERAS in the mobile application accurately. Once a minimum of 5 seizures have been recorded, a custom algorithm is generated. At this point, the seizure alerts are activated and a trial period begins to determine the correct functioning.

Why is there an optional subscription service from the first year?

As described above, the epilepsy seizure risk assessment algorithm learns from each person’s seizures for better results. The first year, and for free, will be conducted at most 3 trainings to get MJN-SERAS reach the expected performance. From the first year, the user can decide whether to maintain the improvement of the algorithms by hiring a monthly subscription service of 25 € that will entitle a maximum of 3 updates of the algorithm per year. The subscription service also guarantees the storage of data from the brain activity log to ensure training, monitoring of the functioning of the equipment in real time by MJN and access to personalized crisis logs stored in MJN.

What is the autonomy of MJN-SERAS?

The autonomy of the earpiece is about 16 hours of uninterrupted operation. The autonomy of the cell phone where the application is installed must be taken into account. This depends on each particular model.

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