“Working on a solution for people with epilepsy is a challenge”

Hello Lluís, can you tell us what you studied and your previous experience before coming to MJN?

I studied technical engineering in computer management. My experience is very varied, I have taught in academies, repaired computers, mounted networks, but my true vocation and what I have dedicated more time to, is the development of applications.

I could name a multitude of coding languages which I have used on some occasion, from the oldest ones like Clipper, Cobol, Pascal, etc to PHP, C++, C#, etc.

How did you know about our project? How did you join the team?

Although it sounds like a topic, by chance. I’ve known our CEO David for many years, I met him one day and he just told me about the project and I got excited.

I joined the team a little over a year ago, saw an ad on social networks, and decided to call. I just couldn’t let the opportunity pass by.

Did you know about epilepsy before you joined MJN?

I thought I did, but now I can say I didn’t know more than a “dictionary” definition. I’ve learned that it has a lot of implications, both for the person who has the disease, and for everyone around them. I have also seen that our work can have a huge impact on all these people.

These days, you’re teleworking. What’s it like working at home with your kids?

I already knew about teleworking, in fact, I’ve been teleworking part-time for about four years, but this time it’s been very different.

We often had to play the role of a teacher, the children needed help constantly, and although they knew I was working, they would turn up at any time with their doubts and concerns.

Being able to use my knowledge to help people is priceless

You recently had an injury, how do you feel now?

Well, look, I’m going to give you some news, I was just released an hour ago, and although I still have to recover to get back to daily life, I’m on the right track.

What is your work at MJN?

I work on the development of our tools to support artificial intelligence algorithms.

I take care of web environments, databases, server configuration, automation, etc.

And now more personal. How does it feel to be able to help people with epilepsy?

Above all pride, our profession can be very cold, and with a certain degree of incomprehension, being able to use my knowledge to help people is priceless.

Thank you very much Lluís for your words!

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