Hi Fernando, tell us what did you study and your previous experience before coming to MJN.
Hello! I am an Industrial Technical Engineer, specializing in Industrial Electronics. My previous experience before joining MJN has always been linked to the healthcare system and health products sector.

During the first years, I was focused on the world of hospital telecommunications, product management, and development. Afterward, I have specialized in medical devices, where I have been specifically trained in the regulatory requirements applicable to this type of product and the applicable regulations.

How did you know about our project? How did you enter the team?
I met the project through social networks and common contacts we shared.

From the first moment, I fell in love with the project and I am caught by its social background and its technological profile. I joined the team to collaborate on the part of regulatory compliance and the quality management system, completing a team of high technological profile.

What are your tasks at MJN?
My main task is to ensure the quality management system of the company. I am responsible for the quality and safety of the product so that we carry out the required controls making sure that the products offer all the necessary guarantees.

You do remote work. What advantages do you find? Disadvantages?
MJN is a very innovative company in that aspect. They have given me absolute confidence to be able to work from distance and fulfill my obligations even if it is not every day in person.

Obviously, the main advantage is family reconciliation; I am a dad of 2 children and this makes my work at home easier.
Regarding the inconveniences, it could be that the distance creates a more difficult or less effective communication but fortunately, it is solved with a predisposition and desire to contribute, so I do not find any real inconvenience.

For personal matters, I think that I can imagine how it feels to have the uncertainty of when a crisis will happen

How do you see your work in 5 years?
With enthusiasm and strength; in 5 years I see that this great project will be a reality and that we will have contributed our small grain of sand to improve society.

I consider myself demanding and technical; In a few years, we will have products that will be a revolution in health sciences as they are known today. Our company will be a reference for health efficiency, technique, and innovation.

And on a personal level, how makes you feel to be able to help people with epilepsy?
It is a satisfaction and a challenge from the first moment. For personal matters, I think that I can imagine how it feels to have the uncertainty of when a crisis will happen; or of the possible limitations in the daily life of the patients, at least the differences that it supposes in comparison with not having it.

It has always been for me a personal challenge, almost a way of life, because I believe in a “more social society”. I think it is possible to use technology to improve the quality of life and, that, without a doubt, is the best thing that can happen to me in the professional field.

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