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We are a research and engineering team developing wearable technology to prevent epileptic seizures. MJN redefines the concept behind seizures prediction through technology to improve quality life of people.

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We are a science research and engineering team developing high-technology innovative devices to predict epileptic seizures.


Knowledge is power

Francis Bacon – philosopher & scientist, called father of empiricism and scientific method –

We create real-time data collecting devices and AI (Artificial Intelligence) algorithms which adapt to each person and learn to predict and warn epileptic seizures. All data gets recorded on a cloud system providing experts full accurate information for their diagnostics.


If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it

Albert Einstein

They say epilepsy seizures are unpredictable.
MJN is here to redefine that.

EEG, stress & pulse real-time monitoring to predict epileptic seizures

Biometrics monitoring

Our device uses the last technologies to precisely track your biologic activity.

Predict seizures

We have developed artificial intelligence algorithms that learn from each user in order to understand their brain activity/biometrics behaviour and predict seizures with accuracy.

Warn and prevent

The device warns the owner when a seizure is coming in order to take preventative safety measures, moreover it is fully connected to a mobile app which instantly notifies the user's status to family and/or caregivers.

We design tech with you in mind

Our mission is to put the progress of science at your service to increase your safety, independence and peace of mind.

We want to bring you quality of life.

The technology we develop is designed to make our devices as much wearable, comfortable, non-invasive and discreet as possible.
We have a lot of experience in epilepsy and we put a lot of effort to understand your needs in order to make our products as usable as any other everyday wearable you use.


We collaborate with Hospitals, Universities, Labs and Science Institutes to boost the science behind epilepsy through our research and tech innovations.

Our devices will collect a lot of data (Bigdata) which will be enormously useful for your own neurologist and for other researchers to understand epilepsy and neuronal behavior. It will develop better therapies and diagnostics.

We bring new horizons to neuroscience

Our challenge is to improve people's quality of life

Not only people with epilepsy, also everybody around. Families and friends also suffer epilepsy uncertainty and risks, we want to bring back to everybody peace of mind providing high accuracy and affordable solutions to prevent safely all epilepsy seizure consequences.

We care for you, and for your loved ones

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