This is the personal story of José Ignacio shared through our web to explain to the world her fight against epilepsy

I’ve seen that MJN cares about people with epilepsy and I think that my case can be very useful both for those who have epilepsy and for those who are not. I had epileptic seizures since I was three, so I had them for 25 years until I turned 28.

In November 2002 I was treated at the Hospital de la Princesa ( by the Doctor García Navarrete) and since then I only had a seizure in 2007 because I took it for granted and voluntarily removed the medication believing that I was cured. They told me that the disease was left to a minimum but that I had to continue taking the pills. Since then I’ve kept doing that and I don’t have a crisis anymore.

I want to share my experience with those who have epilepsy so that they know that there’s a way out and, also with everyone else so that they know the difference between having epileptic seizures and not having them. I have been in both places and nobody like myself knows the difference.

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