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We are a research and engineering team developing wearable technology to prevent epileptic seizures. MJN redefines the concept behind seizures prediction through technology to improve quality life of people.

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My name is Marina. I’m fourteen years old, dark hair and eyes and I’m tall. But I have a problem, I have Epilepsy.

Epilepsy is a disease that affects the brain, which can have all that you can survive it.

With this disease crisis can be of many types such as: to fall, vomit, have seizures, remove saliva, etc …

My mother found an association named “Sea of ​​Dreams” engaged in activities and camps with children with epilepsy. I took one of the camps with the association and I really liked, then from that moment I went to all activities and even i made good friends there.

My father came with an idea that was to create a company to prevent and make less harmful epileptic crisis with a device. The company is named MJN: Marina and Jana Neuroserveis.

From there he said we put up all kinds of competitions and I liked it a lot. Even in the first contest the company won the first prize, I was really grateful to win that prize.

I didn’t tell my father directly, but I was very thankful of what my father did for me.

My father told me that the company was dedicated to me but when I grow up it would be mine.

I was surprised that my father founded a company specializing in me, I was thrilled.

I will always be thankful to him.

Marina Calixto Blánquez

(True story)