It’s been half a year since I went through my epileptic seizures operation. It was a risky operation, but I thought that after so many years, I only had two options: To take the risk and have the operation, or to continue living with epilepsy, as I had done for 42 years.

Although it was not an easy decision, I do not regret having the operation, since the result has been magnificent and everything has turned out very well. I have to admit that before the operation I was afraid because the spot that needed to be treated was on the left side of the brain, and there is where the language and memory area is located. I was lucky, as I came out of the operation without any difficulty and, for the moment, free of crises.

Throughout my life with epilepsy, I have had infinite falls, and I have never broken any bones. But funnily enough, a week ago, I went on a hike to the mountains, and at one point, I lost balance and slipped. The problem was that I placed my hand on the ground to protect myself from the fall with such bad luck that I broke my wrist while doing so. I’ve had my arm immobilized for a few weeks, and I’m waiting to see if I should have surgery on my hand or not.

Sometimes, life is strange. For so many years, I was protecting myself from having serious injuries when I fell because of a seizure, and now that I am free of them is when I have had a serious injury…

Anyway, I’m very happy to be crisis-free after the operation!

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