An article by our collaborator Irene Tarragó

While we are in the middle of this very unique situation, I would like to write some words that encourage everyone. At the moment I am writing these lines, we are at the start of the fourth week of the confinement and we have just been told, in Spain, that it is going to last two more weeks, which does not mean that it will end after this period.

The first thing to clarify, in case there is any doubt, is that people with epilepsy have no predisposition to contract COVID19 for having epilepsy. The only thing that can happen is that, if we catch it, the fever can produce a seizure.

I compare this pandemic with a war, a war in which we are all united because the enemy is common: COVID19 doesn’t care at all that you are a man or a woman, black or white, rich or poor, Muslim or Catholic, Catalan, Aragonese or Galician. Yes, it is cruel to the weakest population (the oldest, those who suffer previous pathologies, etc.), but even in that sense, it resembles a war.

All the neighbors greeting each other, singing together, cheering all those who are in the first line of the emergency

And every day, when 8:00 PM arrives and I go out to my window, I feel an emotion that reaches my soul: all the neighbors, familiar and unfamiliar, greeting each other, singing together, cheering all those who are in the first line of the emergency giving everything for us; transporters, bakers, supermarket employees, pharmacies, firefighters, police, army… It is so exciting how we can be united… and so comforting…

What I would like is that this feeling of unity continues after this crisis. That we’ll always be able to see for the common good; that we think of others; that we become human, the humanism that was fading from our lives and this virus has come to remind us of it.

Therefore, apart from wishing that you and your families are well and, encouraging that you stay at home and wash your hands, I recommend that you enjoy everything that, under normal conditions, you did not do, such as conversations with family, friends… spend more time with them; it is a great opportunity.

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