We share a mission

Improve the quality of life of the people

We are an interdisciplinary group that works to make technologies that provide a better quality of life to the people. Our motivation is people, so we work hard to improve day by day with you. Get to know us.

David Blánquez

Founder, CEO-CTO

Salva Gutiérrez 

Founder, CFO

Xavier Raurich 

Founder, COO

Ernest Montañà 

Chief engineer

Jordina Arcal

Chief Strategy Officer

Dra. Gloria Durán

Chief Medical Officer

Jesús Valls

Software engineer

Lluís Munsó

Software engineer

Clara Gelabert

Accounting and Administrative

Fernando Atienza 

Quality manager

Anna Rodríguez

Sales & Marketing

Marina Blánquez

Marketing Assistant

PhD Beatriz López

PhD Artificial Intelligence

Luismi Aras

Dr. Medicina, CEO Apoyo Dravet

Adrián Trejo

Director Neurociencias Corachan

Slide Xavier Raurich COO
Slide David Blánquez CEO-CTO Slide Salva Gutiérrez CFO

Slide Ernest Montañà Chief engineer Slide Jordina Arcal Chief engineer Slide Dra. Gloria Durán Chief engineer Slide Jesús Valls Software engineer Slide Lluís Munsó Software engineer Slide Clara Gelabert Accounting and Administrative Slide Fernando Atienza Quality manager Slide Anna Rodríguez Sales & Marketing Slide Marina Blánquez
Marketing assistant

Slide PhD Beatriz López PhD Artificial Intelligence Slide Luismi Aras Dr. Medicina, CEO Apoyo Dravet Slide Adrián Trejo Director Neurociencias Corachan Advisory Board
An unquestionable objective

We have very clear objectives.

We only understand technological development if it has a social impact, which is why we spend part of our income to R+D projects and part of our profits to social action.

mjn-neuro has a positive impact on our society, as we explain in our Theory of Social Change. Also, we will periodically measure our impact and publish the results obtained. Discover the importance of social change in MJN.


of our profit will be dedicated to promote social projects


of our sales will go to research and innovation

Awards and recognitions

This international certificate recognizes that mjn-neuro is compliant with all requirements specified to sell and provide medical products and services.

This certificate indicates that the solution developed by mjn-neuro to evaluate the risk of epilepsy seizures is a medical device that complies with directive 93/42/EEC.

Our commitment to excellence

Everything we do in mjn-neuro is compliant with the highest quality standards.

mjn-neuro has the ISO 13485:2016 quality certificate, the Manufacturer’s License from the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Health Products and the CE certificate as a class IIa medical device. You can also read our quality policy here.

Our team

Get to know the mjn-neuro team


Interview with Salvador Gutiérrez, CFO at mjn-neuro

Thank you for letting us get to know mjn-neuro better. Salvador Gutiérrez is part of the management team and a…

Interviewing Jordina Arcal, Chief Strategy Officer at mjn-neuro

Hello Jordina, we are with the CSO of mjn-neuro. She defines herself as an engineer, innovator, and serial entrepreneur.

Interviewing Lluís Munsó, software engineer at mjn-neuro

Being able to use my knowledge to help people is priceless.
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Do you imagine being able to know at any time the risk of suffering a seizure?

Our collaborators

We are not alone helping people with epilepsy

Grant programs

Horizon 2020, SME Instruments 2018-2020. Grant 849781

Project: Seizure Risk Assessment for epilepsy
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Retos Colaboración MJN-eXiT (Universitat de Girona)

Project: mjn-SERAS, Device for the evaluation of the risk of epileptic seizures

The main objective of the project is to improve the quality of life of patients with epilepsy through the development of a solution that will be capable of detecting and alerting epilepsy seizures suffered by this type of patient and thereby avoiding accidents resulting from these situations.

To achieve this objective, the project collaborates with the company mjn-neuro, which will take the lead into this initiative. The project will also count on the UDG eXiT Research Group who has a long experience in creating predictive methods from biomedical data.

Project funded by FEDER / Ministry of Science, Innovation, and Universities – State Research Agency / Project (RTC-2017-6701-1).

The main objective of this call is to promote technological development, innovation and quality research.

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