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We are a research and engineering team developing wearable technology to prevent epileptic seizures. MJN redefines the concept behind seizures prediction through technology to improve quality life of people.

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What is MJN?

We are a science research and engineering company developing high-technology innovative devices to predict epileptic seizures.

What does MJN?

We develop a complete seizure detection and warning system for people with epilepsy.
The result is a non-intrusive device to predict and warn epilepsy seizures.

Why is MJN’s device a huge innovation for people with epilepsy?

30% of people suffering epilepsy are considered pharamacoresistant (medicines can not control all seizures). Seizures come by surprise so there’s high risk of accidents. Seizure prediction technology exists but with big and unwearable technologies.
We are developing a non-intrusive wearable device that let people with epilepsy do any casual activity knowing that the device will warn when a seizure is to come so they can take all the safety measures to avoid any accident.

What technologies uses the device?

Basically EEG (electroencephalogram) monitoring and AI (artificial intelligence) software.
By registering brain activity with EEG we can predict when seizures are to come with an AI software.

The device, can be used by everybody?

The device is initially designed for people with epilepsy. We want it ergonomically designed for an everyday use and for everybody. It will be discreet and non-intrusive.
The device is a wearable EEG, in the future we expect it will have many other uses apart from helping people with epilepsy.

I am interested in the device, when will it be available?

We are in a development and testing stage. Currently we have run satisfactory tests on patients of our technology. In the next year we will be prototyping the medical device for a clinical trial and obtaining all the regulations needed to assure the best quality possible of our product.
By the first trimester of 2018 everybody will be able to buy the device on our website mjn.cat.

Any question missing?


Any question missing?


Subscribe if you want to be the first to know more about our device’s development

Subscribe if you want to be the first to know more about our device’s development